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You state that you are 'proud of members of my team...' - can I ask if you are proud of player "Lame"? This player is part of your team so you are proud of him, correct? I had the unfortunate experience to play this idiot earlier today during a game of Blitzchess, during the game I found  "Lame"  to be insulting. Please refer to the transcript below which I sent to  "Lame" . I have just sent them another message as they have not replied to the original message.

I have also challenged this player (twice) to a normal game but they have declined both challenges. Your team player is an irritating, insulting, embarrassing child who thinks he is being clever in insulting other players - are you now proud of this member of your team? Ps it is such a shame that players on this site are 'man' enough to be insulting behind a computer screen hundreds/thousands of miles away but in reality are little more than a faceless, pathetic individual who I would squat like a little fly in an instant if I were to meet them in the street :-) Cheers.

Hello,  "Lame" ,
Further to my message below sent to you earlier today, you haven't replied which leads me to assume you accept the comments you made. After all, if you hadn't made the comments, it's reasonable to assume you would have denied making them, don't you think? You have had the opportunity to apologise but haven't. Cheers.

Hello, "Lame" ,
I just played you on Blitz chess, during this game you initiated comment (I'm not sure why you felt you had to), but the chat went as below:
"Lame": completely
"Opposant": completely what?
"Lame": completely bored
"Opposant": of what?
"Lame": Whipping you
"Opposant": will send you a message
"Lame": Can't wait
Our blitz game was a few moments ago - can you confirm the above chat took place? If not, don't worry, I'm sure the Blitz administrators will be able to retrieve from their servers. Cheers.

Ces faits ne sont pas de ma juridiction, en français trivial l'on dirait : ce ne sont pas mes oignons... de plus, je suis surtout fier des résultats obtenus par l'équipe dès lors qu'ils vont dans le bon sens !
These facts are not of my jurisdiction, in coarse French we would say: they are not my onions furthermore, I am especially proud of results obtained by the team since they go in the right direction!
Hubert, (If translation, excuse the quality, I use a tool)
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