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Hello, Captain,
I sent a comment to blog, copying here if it's too large to show there (my frend helped me with French translation)
With a number of members up to 20 people with a good quality of game we can put the goal to have a team rating over 1500 and top-ten position in Team table. As for Team ladder, there our chances are not very high, since the defeat in the team match gives -1 position and a victory could bring a 
large progress, so the teams with a large number of participants who play many matches are leading there.
Therefore, I would suggest not to focus on Team ladder position, and go or higher place in Team table with calling the neighbors (the teams with the high rating), avoiding challenges from the teams having a very low ratin.  As an individual task I would suggest to ensure that the team ranking for each player surpassed his individual rating - an indication that the motivation of team games is higher for us (although if the number of team games is less than-20 for some player, his team rating looks odd).
P.S. Congratulations to e4makec5 and francoispremier for a shut-out victory over Arsenal Herd. I would suggest Captain to inform other members about such excellent results regularly. 
Evgeny (ezakharov)

Hello, oms68,
Vous avez eu tort quelque part que je pense.
Je ne joue pas beaucoup de tournois, mais seulement un mini tournoi.
'The Tempest' et 'The Hammerklavier' sont mes propres défis ouvert uniquement, pas des tournois.
 You were wrong somewhere as I think.
I do not play many tournaments but only one mini tournament.
'The Tempest' and 'The Hammerklavier' are my own open challenges only, not tournaments.

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Hubert, If translation, excuse the quality, I use a tool