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11093 137 03.04 ++ Going down in "Team table", Evgeny

Hello Captain and team, Let me share with you some calculations The highest team-rating in 2011, 1486 points was achieved 23/03 (7th position in Team table) Since that day we finished 38 games, won 23 and lost 15 – that is very good! But… Our rating decreased to 1418 (-68 points) and now we have 17th position in Team table. Why? For each defeat we got -12…-16 points, for each victory +5…+9 points. The reason is that average team-rating (not individual rating) of our opponents was only 1302 points, 143 points lower than our average team rating (1445). So I suggest to choose for matches only the teams with high team rating, individual rating of players does NOT matter. We have matches with the high-rated teams: - +++SERBIAN TEAM+++ - ~*QuantumChoir*~ So I suggest to choose opponents from top-30 or top-40 of Team table This is just my advice. No complaints or disagreements. Best regards, Evgeny Zakharov (ezakharov)